Magazine Art Direction
Art Direction example - Developing Leaders Magazine

Art Direction and Graphic Design

I was commissioned to provide art direction and graphic design for the Developing Leaders magazine by publishers IEDP, with whom I’ve been working for nearly 10 years. The magazine presents the latest thinking and recent developments in executive education in both academia and business.

The quarterly publication aims to be highly readable but with weighty academic content and needed an appropriate look and feel. Little editorial content is accompanied by its own photography so in researching images for the magazine, I wanted to create something different and engaging, employing a variety of illustrations and semi-abstract images to give the magazine its edge.

“IEDP has developed an extremely good relationship with Nick Mortimer over several years. He has given us invaluable advice on branding and design and managed our Developing Leaders magazine faultlessly. Our network of contributors and clients includes many major global names – Harvard Business School, INSEAD, RBS, Deloitte, et al. – thanks to Nick’s input our offering does not seem at all out of place in this exalted company.” Peter Chadwick, CEO, IEDP